In-Depth Executive Interviews

Understanding customer and thought-leader needs, trends, preferences and problems is critical to shaping business and marketing strategy and for sharpening marketing execution. The typical anecdotal flow of customer comments filtered by a sales organization presents both an incomplete and potentially dangerous portrayal of marketplace sentiment. To supplement this informal intelligence gathering, R.C. Gregory & Co. helps businesses access the opinions and ideas of their customers and non-customers through a variety of techniques, including in-depth personal interviews.

In-depth interviews are a cornerstone of most marketing and business strategy projects. In addition, we are often asked by clients to engage key stakeholders — including customers, channel partners, suppliers, employees, industry thought-leaders — in in-depth interviews as a means to monitor market climate, gauge progress of strategic initiatives or to gather other guiding intelligence.

As with all R.C. Gregory & Co. engagements, our research efforts are designed and executed by a senior marketing strategist. This enables us to deviate from “script” when we come across a finding that merits deeper exploration or change in direction.

Rick GregoryIn-Depth Executive Interviews