Dollarization Calculators & Sales Tools

Dollarization works best when the customer is engaged in a credible, interactive discussion of the economic impacts of a proposed purchase. These discussions are greatly enhanced when sellers are equipped with professional Dollarization calculators to facilitate the analysis.

How Professional Dollarization Calculators Help the Selling Process

When designed and built properly, a Dollarization calculator can be a powerful selling tool that helps keep the discussion focused on the economic reasons a customer or client should be considering in making a business decision. Such a tool positions the salesperson as consultant who is earnestly working to better the customer’s business situation.  A few of the specific advantages of employing a professional Dollarization calculator include:

  1. Provides a roadmap for the sales call.  The tool is structured for interactive Q&A and walks the salesperson and the customer through the process.
  2. Includes all questions the salesperson must ask.  The salesperson can focus on the customer.
  3. Puts the best thinking of the entire organization into the salesperson’s hands.  This makes the organization’s sales approach more consistent and empowers individual salesperson.
  4. Engages the customer in the dollarization analysis to create owership and buy-in. A proper Dollarization calculator allows the customer to adjust their assumptions and inputs and to immediately see the impacts until they land on a result they believe in.
  5. Educates the customer about the importance of the various benefits delivered.  By putting numbers to some often overlooked impacts, the customer may more deeply appreciate the seller’s offering.
  6. Empowers salespeople who are uncomfortable with math or finance concepts. Reduces the chance for sloppy errors which kill credibility.
  7. Credibility is enhanced by using an analytical tool designed with professional appearance and depth (vs. a homegrown spreadsheet or notepad).
  8. Allows seller to “triangulate.” Because both the seller and customer can focus on the analysis, not one another, the traditional buyer vs. seller contest is softened or eliminated.
  9. Gives the customer ammunition to sell to colleagues.  Most business decisions happen long after the sales call ends, and usually involve a team of people the salesperson may never meet.  A well-designed Dollarization calculator includes tools the customer can share with colleagues to help sell in the salesperson’s absence.
Sample Dollarization Calculator Input Screen

Input screen lists interative questions that guide the discussion. Navigation buttons provide roadmap for the sales call.

Sample Dollarization Calculator Results Screen

Results screen shows conclusions of analysis, and can be presented in multiple forms.

Sample Dollarization Calculator Results Screen

Executive Summary highlights major business impact headlines.

Sample Dollarization Calculator Results Screen

Calculations page illustrates step-by-step math underlying the analysis. This enables the customer to check validity of analysis and helps create engagement and ownership.

Sample Dollarization Calculator Results Screen

In some cases, the calculator inputs and results can be consolidated in a single screen.

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