Dollarization Workshops

A Dollarization Workshop led by Rick Gregory is an efficient and effective way to get your organization thinking deeply about how you create value for customers and equips your team with skills and knowledge to deploy Dollarization as part of your sales and marketing mix.

Every workshop is customized to meet a client’s unique business objectives. Ranging in length from one hour overview to a full day or more in length, Dollarization Workshops combine new learning with hands-on application to your real business objectives.

Every session includes an initial overview of key concepts and relevant examples, followed by an extended period of team breakout session and live coaching. The objective is to create new knowledge and skills, while also generating actionable work product that will quickly yield sales and profit growth.



Sessions can be built around a new product or service launch, a key account push, to address a specific competitive threat or simply as a way to strengthen your sales and marketing toolkit.


Who Should Attend

Workshops are most productive when a blend of sales, marketing and operations staff can interact.  However, sessions can also be tailored for a sales team, a marketing/product management teams or any other group.  Blended programs can also be designed so that key audiences are all covered by the most efficient means, including webinars, face-to-face training sessions or small group coaching sessions.

A team of top salespeople from a Fortune 100 industrial products company attended a customized Dollarization Workshop and were asked to evaluate the session afterwards.

As part of the session, the attendees worked in teams to apply Dollarization to three key products as well as one key account opportunity that each person was currently pursuing.

After the workshop, each participant was asked to rate their confidence in selling each product or opportunity before the workshop and after the Dollarization exercise. This chart shows their average scores on a scale of 1-5.  The average confidence score improved by 140%.



“The most impactful and useful sales course ever offered here.”

“Our entire organization needs to learn this discipline – marketing & product departments have to buy in and see the value. Without this, we will lose more share and growth opportunities and miss a golden opportunity to change the status quo.”

“This course really focused on strategies, examples and info to allow me to be more effective and close more business.”

“The whole concept of presenting a CVF will help me put together our upcoming proposal. Now I have a clear idea of how to approach and what to include.”

“I’ve been in many sales classes over the years for Xerox, WINS, etc. This has been the most impactful for me to date. I expect to be more effective going forward as a direct result of the course.”

“Great use of OUR examples and accounts – pertinent and realistic.”

“Great for getting us to think outside the box and in terms of customers’ needs and what they value.”

“The course exceeded my expectations. The personalized training was awesome!”

Workshop Topics List

  • Introduction to Dollarization
  • Dollarization Concepts & Buying Theory
  • The Arguments for Dollarization
  • The Risks of Not Dollarizing
  • Dollarization Case Histories
  • The Mechanics of Dollarization
  • How to Dollarize Any Benefit
  • Understanding Financial Performance Metrics (ROI, IRR, Payback)
  • Dollarizing Service Offerings
  • Dollarization & Selling
  • Price Justification/Overcoming Price Objections
  • Handling the Price Objection
  • Translating Technical Features to Dollars
  • Accelerating the Sales Cycle
  • Changing the Conversation from Price to Dollarized Value
  • Customer Prioritization
  • Protecting & Expanding Business with an Existing Customer
  • Getting Appointments
  • Qualifying Prospects with Dollarization
  • Making Dollarization work with Your Customer
  • Dollarization & Marketing
  • Dollarized Price Setting
  • Articulating the Dollarized Selling Proposition (DSP)
  • Sharpening Marketing Communications
  • Motivating Channel Partners
  • Pricing New Products
  • Market Segmentation
  • Discovering Your Value through Research
  • Developing Dollarization Tools for the Salesforce
  • Web-based Dollarization Tools for prospects.
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