Strategic Market Analysis

When a company is contemplating expanding into new markets or segments or needs to evaluate the viability of an existing market, R.C. Gregory & Co. can help with early opportunity screening, go/no go decisions or more indepth assessments to guide market entry. These studies typically evaluate market size, economics, customer needs, barriers, buying dynamics, target customer profiles, competition, channels, success criteria and more.

These studies are challenging in that they involve complex analysis that requires developing the right questions to ask, identifying and accessing data sources, and collecting and analyzing fragmented data, often in a compressed time frame and in uncharted territory.

 Projects include detailed analytical and investigational efforts to determine mar­ket size/potential in situations when published data is not read­ily available as well as uncovering trends, threats and opportu­nities. We combined strong analytical capabilities with strategic understanding to generate conclusions that clients can confidently use to guide business decisions.

Rick GregoryMarket Analysis